The high volatility in the Oil & Gas market and a global consensus on the need to manage climate change has seen a shift away from fossil fuels to Renewables and low-Carbon forms of energy production.

Cygnas Solutions is located in the heart of the Scottish Energy Industry and is well placed to support companies wrestling with the challenges of the offshore environment, advanced materials (composites), the need for better management of assets (Asset Integrity and Digital twins) and emergent legislation & guidance from government agencies.

At Cygnas we bring our decades of experience in the Aerospace, Industrial, Oil & Gas and Automotive industries to support Green Energy companies design, commission and manage their assets effectively.

Fint Element Anylsis


  • FEA of composite materials
  • Structural Digital Twin Development of the Jacket and large structures
  • Fatigue of structures
  • CFD 
  • Multibody dynamics
  • Integrity Services

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