Nonlinear analysis is crucial for design of HPHT pipelines and pipe-in pipe systems as they require special design methodologies to deal with higher expansion loads. We have performed analysis for equipment up to 30000 psi and 428 F.


Some of the services we offer related to pipelines and subsea are as follows:

  • Design verification, audits and peer reviews

  • Pipeline and subsea analysis

  • Pipeline pre-tensioning

  • Pipeline and subsea lifetime extension

  • HPHT pipeline design

  • Expansion analysis

  • Global buckling analysis

  • Defect assessment and remediation

  • ECA (Engineering Critical

  • Assessment)

  • Fracture mechanics based integrity

Some of the components that we offer these services for are listed below:

  • Bulkheads (Pipe-in- Pipes, Bundles)
  • Pipeline bundles analysis and design
  • Pipe-in- Pipe
  • Wellhead analysis
  • Spools
  • Onshore and offshore pipelines
  • Flanges
  • Pipeline Tee & Wye forging
  • Pipeline Reducer

The components can be designed to:

  • ASME VIII Div. 2

  • BS EN-13445

  • PD5500

  • BS7910 ( ECA and flaw/defect assessment)

  • API 579 FFS ( ECA and flaw/defect assessment)

The pipelines can be designed to:

  • DNV-OS- F101

  • PD8010

  • B31.8

  • B31.4

  • B31.3

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