At Cygnas we have the expertise to help you manage your assets effectively and efficiently. We will assist you in developing a successful Asset Management Plan to ensure timely intervention by identifying assets from P&IDs, the Asset Register and across your Business Systems. We can assess defects & anomalies and apply defect assessment methods to the problems of defining inspection strategies. We also provide RBA assessment for aging offshore/onshore assets to optimise inspections intervals.

With Cygnas you can bring AIM into the 21st century by implementing Structural Digital Twin technology, using detailed corrosion/erosion data with cutting edge stress simulation tools. Inspection reports are assessed & turned around rapidly allowing you to reduce internal inspection, reduce inspection frequency (reduced OPEX) and answer the big question; can the life of the equipment be extended (reduced CAPEX).

We are conversant in design codes and design basis of the equipment giving us an in-depth understanding of the underlying problems, giving us insight to the cause of failure.

Cygnas solutions provide the following asset integrity assessments and services:

  • FFS (Fitness for service assessments)
  • FEA assessments for level 3 fitness for service
  • Provide corrosion loops circuitization and criticality assessment.
  • Developing rationalised inspection plans based on API 580 & 581 combined with API 510 & 570.
  • Local and global metal loss
  • Corrosion defects
  • Dents
  • Weld defects
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Crack like defects
  • Thermal buckling
  • Spans

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