Cygnas Solutions provides structural, thermal, dynamic and CFD analysis for the aerospace sector. We have experience in the application of composites in the space and cryogenic environments. In addition to the above we also provide support in the simulation and development of turbomachinery and thermal design of space systems.

Fint Element Anylsis

Our diverse experience across sectors and verticals give us an acute awareness of the needs and problems that arise in the complete design process. This allows us to come up with creative and holistic solutions to the underlying problems rather than just providing empty analysis.

  • Vehicle bodies (aerodynamics, circulation, turbulent flow, velocity etc.)
  • Vibration, Eigenfrequencies Analysis
  • Composite design of structures
  • COPV design and analysis
  • Laminate optimisation
  • Composite material rupture & impact
  • Composite material testing & correlation
  • PSD Analysis
  • Thermal management
  • Specialist space thermal scenarios simulation
  • Advanced CFD analysis

We have a number of different software packages and techniques available that allow us to offer cost effective solutions.

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